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I did not sleep at night. Lanterns and hurdles wymijałem with great difficulty. I went back to riding buses, and if you had to travel by car, with great alacrity handed the keys girl. Social dug my grave, I lost my friends, my Facebook overgrown extensive cobwebs. But what – in less than two weeks I have read four books that have long been put off "for later". As if the case does not look PocketBook 623 Lux Touch just does not want to return it to the distributor.

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Most of us associate the Kindle brand mainly belonging to Amazon. It is considered the only legitimate reader – and whether this statement true or not … it does not matter to the average buyer. Kindle is now the synonym of "lifestyle", similar to what has become used to the iPod. As it turns out, even a solid late can make up for quality. This confirms one hundred percent new Lux Touch.

The abbreviation, or wideorecenzja PocketBook 623 Lux Touch

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PocketBook 623 Touch Lux – Specifications

  • Matrix: 6 inches, capacitive screen, touch E-Ink Pearl HD multi-touch support, resolution 1024×758 pixels, 16 gray levels;
  • Processor: 800 MHz;
  • Memory: 4 GB, 3 GB available to the user;
  • Wireless Connectivity: Wi-Fi
  • Other: SD memory card up to 32 GB microSDHC, micro-USB;
  • Supported file formats: EPUB DRM, EPUB, PDF DRM, PDF, FB2, FB2.ZIP, TXT, DJVU, HTM, HTML, DOC, DOCX, RTF, CHM, TCR, PRC (MOBI), MP3
  • Supported menu languages: Polish, English, German, Russian;
  • Additional functions: manually set the screen orientation, dictionaries, TTS speech synthesis, web browser, RSS reader applications (chess, sudoku, snake), the option for searching words in the text, the translation in the book, add bookmarks and notes, some text, and zooming modes change fonts;
  • Battery: Li-Ion 1000 mAh;
  • Weight: 195 grams;
  • Dimensions: 175 x 114.5 x 9.5 mm;
  • OS: Linux 2.6.

Build quality

Convenient for everyday use

PocketBook 623 Touch Lux / photo tabletManiaK

Earlier designs PocketBook evaluated Arek, not me. For me, it was the first, longer contact with the brand and admit to such a state of things without beating. Mated with readerami like Onyx or Kindle, but the products were PocketBook me until now foreign. 623 Lux Touch is very similar version of the 622, the one that is highlighted. Retained here, like, modest design, the goal of putting herself to provide excellent ergonomics. Assumptions, in my opinion, were made almost a hundred percent. It's lightweight construction, but durable, yet versatile than the physical dimensions.

PocketBook 623 Touch Lux / photo tabletManiaK

I already mentioned quality seduced me. Visually simple thing to do is not easy, is not it too easy to make – you made it. Tight connection, no groans, crackles and any such defects immediately puts PocketBook on a high shelf. From the front we have a nice, deep gray, enveloping the sides. The rear panel is in turn specific rubber material to improve grip and nieprzyciągające fingerprints, even if you read the extra fat dinner.

PocketBook 623 Touch Lux / photo tabletManiaK

The front panel is primarily a screen, which, moreover, should not be particularly surprised. At the base we see the logo PocketBook, LED indicating the activity and four buttons covered with the same, pleasant to touch material, which was used to finish plecków reader.

PocketBook 623 Touch Lux / photo tabletManiaK

on the lower edge of the PocketBook find items related to the wider public, such as a headphone jack, mini USB port, reset button (which will be necessary to thin needle or paper clip), microSD card slot and the power button.


Text as a good book

Six-inch touch screen has been made ​​in the technology of E-Ink Pearl, offering good contrast, excellent viewing angles, very modest power consumption i .. Breakthrough of the previous pages, which further brings it closer to the traditional paper. This, however, depends on the refresh rate, which is characteristic of "batting", which accompanies the default browsing through the menu. Manufacturer predefines a set refresh every five pages. This also left, though geeks reading focused on transparency can be obstinate and refresh the whole page by page. I did not mind remains small. After the mid-section of the Official Irish Heinrich Böll stopped it at all pay attention and completely gave up reading. Besides, we get there, of course, a touch panel, which is useful especially when enlarged and pomniejszaniu text and lightening (and vice versa) display. The latter will come back, but for now …

PocketBook 623 Touch Lux / photo tabletManiaK

responsiveness. Well, it does not knock. The rate of the tablet can forget, as indeed was to be expected. PocketBook is not a rocket, but in the ordinary use of fully passed the test. Selecting specific items, paging through pages and text selection works great. The manufacturer, however, should take into account the fact that the offer more features, the user will expect more – and here Lux Touch not fully passed the test. I write about the keyboard and additional applications, anywhere in the reaction have to wait a while, and not everyone is – quite simply – he wants. It seems that the previous model, the manufacturer has changed little in the matter.


I can not remember the last time I read so many books

After about eight seconds after pressing the on / off before our eyes appears with a list of library books and pop-up menu that will direct us to the notes, music, vocabulary, applications and settings. Below, in turn, shows the Quick Access Toolbar, offering such possibility of rapid changes in light intensity or the multitasking. The latter is a big advantage over the Kindle Paperwhite, as the latter requires the closure of the application being used to be able to start another one. The same thing is happening besides the books; PocketBook can quickly toggle between the different titles.

PocketBook 623 Touch Lux / photo tabletManiaK

Opening of the document is dependent on the physical size of the file. Fortunately, the reader does not care about particular format: supports 20 and most of them start with a similar speed. For example, the standard EPUB, TXT and MOBI are no obstacle for him. Rich in different encodings, DOC or DOCX – well. The PDFs problem occurs only at high graphics.'ve Run native support for ODT OpenOffice open format. But just change the extension ODT to EPUB, without converting, and the reader starts the file without hesitation.
On the manufacturer's website there is an update to streamline speed open PDF files and ePUB

From the ergonomics, the reader is in good hands. Do you sit or to lie – it is comfortable. The ability to change the screen orientation setting allows you to quickly adjust to the desired position, you do not have to worry about whether you rest on the left or right side. Pages can turn over in three ways. The first is the physical buttons, allowing management to the next or previous page. Page numbers "rewind" the classic type of swipe gestures and simple touch of the screen. Importantly, both the "thump" right and left side of the results in moving one page forward.

PocketBook 623 Touch Lux / photo tabletManiaK

Touching the screen in the middle displays the available options, just like the touch of horns, in the upper right you will find the menu in the lower right – Settings panel. Not to my liking just random font zooming by translating the reader hands. We must be careful that the two fingers away from the screen when you least expect it. Sometimes I had to go to the settings in order to adjust the exact size of letters, touch the case in the use of imprecise.


Just to everything

According to the manufacturer's declaration, the battery is enough to read about 30 books. I've read four – two short, with a population of about 150-200 pages in A5 format, and two long, with about 350 pages Using the illumination of varying intensity (usually a minimum, I flip through the virtual pages at night) batteries disappeared for two weeks, even 18 percent. With Wi-Fi I used sporadically, sometimes ran it for an hour or two to work itself in the background.

PocketBook 623 Touch Lux / photo tabletManiaK

Of course I did not use the reader still, indeed, the same text display does not affect the supply of energy. PocketBook 623 Lux Touch uses a battery to generate lighting, sound, and just power wireless module. His plays also refresh the screen, I left the default setting, ie every five pages. The result is very good. The usual practice is that the battery does not have to worry. Even the reserve is sufficient for a couple of hours of reading, which is a great feature of this model. Uses his MP3 player while I'm talking about a little below. When listening to music with the average volume battery refused to cooperate after about 11 hours.

Internet, MP3 and other additives

Many, but not all useful

Freescale processor clock frequency of 800 MHz clock speed allows for a lot, but, of course, has its limitations. Provides smooth navigation, respectively comfortable functioning Linux (under whose control the whole machine works), has enabled a manufacturer to make a few extra features. Let us look at some of them.

PocketBook 623 Touch Lux / photo tabletManiaK

Browser To me it is useless, as I wrote earlier. It's not so much a matter of whether the touch panel processor that either the program itself, or issues related to electronic ink.
Already there is an update requesting fixes the touch screen responsiveness

Mail and RSS Also, it is not a standard known tablet PCs but much more usable than the above-mentioned position. Reading news on PocketBooku is entirely possible, especially for a long, extensive articles can count on considerable comfort. MP3 Simple design, simple execution – Music app has been stripped of features, but allows simultaneous reading and listening to music. I do not have any particular concern here. For those who prefer text and absorbing the sounds of this solution will be useful.

PocketBook 623 Touch Lux / photo tabletManiaK

Test-speech (TTS) system is useful … but unbearable. Unnatural voice has nothing to do with audiobooks, in which teacher tries to capture atmosphere and mood of the book or the selected scene. Here we get a very primitive application that can not commit many errors (except for proper names), but it can not be called reliable. Use only when necessary.
Make informed about updates, requesting additional language packs for IVONA TTS. The native language is now two female voices and two male voices.

Dictionary Indispensable when viewing text in a foreign language, offering a rich set of functionality that can be enhanced by purchasing the following language packs in a relatively inexpensive price. Plus. A big, big plus. Comfortable keyboard, a new five-, supports multiple languages ​​and function keys. Interestingly, the system even allows you to quickly write a few attempts. Playing On board 623 Lux Touch are some simple games, including chess, solitaire or sudoku. It's nice, but not necessary functionality. All are functioning without any problem.



PocketBook 623 Touch Lux / photo tabletManiaK

PocketBook 623 Touch Lux was born later than its competitors, but the resulting quality I can forgive this slip producer. A rich set of functionality, a successful high-resolution screen and powerful, comfortable illumination, compatible with 20 formats (even those theoretically niewspieranymi by the company) and several other options are a strong advantage Lux Touch advantages over its disadvantages. Perhaps the most encouraging is that in the world of e-book readers still there is something new – and PocketBook is a subject worthy of your attention. [Temperature] DESIGN / QUALITY | 4.5 | HOME | 5.0 | OUTPUT POWER | 4.5 | Features | 4.5 [/ temperature]
  • very good quality,
  • rubberized buttons
  • rubberized back panel
  • comfortable size,
  • high-resolution screen,
  • The touch pad,
  • compatibility with multiple formats,
  • High-performance power
  • illumination,
  • Wi-Fi
  • support for microSD cards
  • comfortable turning the pages, in several ways,
  • MP3 player and a mini-jack input,
  • ReadRate system,
  • Calendar and several other applications
  • three color versions.
  • poor web browser,
  • No speaker,
  • turning pages long
  • scaling touch can get lost.

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The reader deserves our opinion, the award "Editor's Choice".

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